Introducing the Cisco Firewall


A firewall is a security system that aims to protect an organization's network against external threats designed
It is usually a combination of hardware and software security, direct connection with computers on the network computers on the network with computers outside the network prevents

There are various firewalls and for accessing secure web pages are not all exactly candidate
Perhaps firewalls to limit connectivity to and from the contents of sensitive data or applications, such as accounting and building staff

Cisco Firewall Model ASA5505

Firewall 5505 Series Firewall 5500 Adaptive Security Appliance) ASA) Cisco is the smallest model in the series. The firewall with the different security services of having three series PIX 500, IPS 4200, and VPN 3000, a security package for small businesses is considered appropriate.


Cisco Firewall Model ASA5512-x

8-port GB - Supports unlimited number of Node


Cisco Firewall Model ASA5510

Firewall throughput: 300 Mbps -   Capacity VPN170 Mbps -     Capacity IPSec VPN peers: 10 -   This firewall with standards such as IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u compliant.   The amount of RAM: 256 MB -   The amount of memory Flash: 64 MB Flash -


Cisco Firewall Model ASA5540

Data transfer rates of 650 Mbps firewall - VPN 325 Mbps data transfer rate of - At the same time connection rate of 25,000 times per second - Has one expansion slot - Its support for Site-to-site VPNs - Support for IP multicast - Connect to SSL and IPsec VPN - There are four 10/100/1000 ports - VLAN Support


Cisco Firewall Model ASA5550

8-port GB - 4 GB of RAM - 64 Mb Memory Flash - Throughput of 1.2 Gbps