Introducing router:


MikroTik router company in Eastern Europe in 1995 Ltvya America was founded by two MIT students router operating system was the first product of the company that was founded by the Linux operating system. At the same time start using 802.11 wireless technology allows you to use this technology in the operating system was also added. One of the goals of the company providing the equipment peers were more Cisco products at very low prices.

In fact, the purpose of establishing operating system, to compete with Cisco IOS operating system was known to be installed on a PC and offer unique features including routing, firewall, VPN, monitoring, Qos, Hotspot, Load Balancing and efficient services. another manage networks. One of the progress of the operating system stability to provide services in the network of small, medium and large that all your users will be affected.



Products router (Mikrotik)

Mykrvtyk inevitably decided to produce hardware products with the name Routerboard.

The typical PC hardware products from small-scale version that was designed for networks. In recent years, with advances in router operating system, brought many improvements in its hardware. Which leads to a large Internet service providers in installments over the world, including Iran, to use products such as Cisco router instead of turn.


Hardware differences in hardware resources such as CPU, RAM, licenses, network ports and slots that have always tended router technology and modern ideas to develop software and hardware. Noran clients can benefit from technical advice to buy these products and choose the best model.

MikroTik Power Supply - 18POW

24V 0.8A Power Supply Fits all RouterBOARD models.


MikroTik Power Supply - 24HPOW

24-volt power adapter with a current capacity of 1.6 Amps | Cable with the appropriate length and long | Applicable for RouterBOARD


MikroTik Adapter - 48POW

48-volt power adapter | Suitable for RouterBOARD RB800 and Rvtrbrdhay old


Mikrotik Antenna - ACSWI

Omni antenna with a rotating base | Output power 2dBi | Support frequency bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz |   The antenna connector type U.fl


Mikrotik Antenna - ACSWIM

Omni antenna with a rotating base | Output power 2dBi | 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands supports | MMCX antenna connector type


Mikrotik Antenna - 2.4Ghz Dipole

The antenna 5dBi | The antenna cover 360 | 2400-2500 MHz frequency | Output connector RPSMA