:The introduction of Ethernet routers router 



win are provided. RouterBOARD are also some potential use as Access Point or wireless client communications, but the others just as a router or switch can be used


This category has the hardware router equipment such as built-in wireless card (Integrate), slot miniPCI (to put on their wireless cards) and miniPCI-e, 10/100 LAN ports, Gigabit Ethernet, fiber optics port, USB (for connecting the router to a Storage or GSM modem is used), SIM card mobile phone (on some products this slot has been put up on the GSM adapter and the SIM card mobile phone can be SIM features such as GPRS, 3G and SMS used) and more


Also on board a family of different CPU such as Atheros, PowerPC and has been placed. Notably, some equipment can be for August away (outdoor) are also used

(Microtik Ethernet Routers - PowerBox (RB750P-PB

5 Ethernet | CPU processing speed 400MHz | Suitable for use outdoors | OS Level4 license


Microtik Ethernet Routers - RB1100AHx2

Dual-core processor at 1GHz | 13 Gigabit Ethernet ports | Installed on a rack the size of 1U | Licensed RouterOS Level 6


Mikrotik Ethernet Routers - RB2011iL-IN

Desktop Device | 5 Ethernet | 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports | Powerful processor | Affordable | RouterOS Level 4 license


Mikrotik Ethernet Routers - RB2011iL-RM

5 Ethernet | 5 GB port | 64 MB Ram | And 128 MB of RAM


Mikrotik Ethernet Routers - RB2011iLS-IN

1 Port Fiber Optic | 5 Ethernet | 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports | Desktop device with electrical cables attached to the body | RouterOS Level 4 license


Microtik Ethernet Routers - RB2011UiAS-IN

It has five Gigabit Ethernet ports | 5 Ethernet | Single-core processor clocked at 600 MHz